Participating Institutions

Natural Language Processing group, Idiap Research Institute

  • Andrei Popescu-Belis, Thomas Meyer (now at Google), Xiao Pu, Quang Luong
    with contributions from: Lesly Miculicich Werlen, Jeevanthi Liyanapathirana, Pierre Lison, Maryam Habibi, Nikolaos Pappas

Institute of Computational Linguistics, University of Zurich

  • Martin Volk, Mark Fishel (now at the University of Tartu), Annette Rios, Laura Mascarell

Utrecht Institute of Linguistics (UiL/OTS), University of Utrecht

  • Ted Sanders, Jacqueline Evers-Vermeul, Sandrine Zufferey (now at the University of Bern), Pim Mak, Martin Groen, Jet Hoek

Department of Linguistics, University of Geneva

  • Jacques Moeschler, Cristina Grisot, Sharid Loaiciga (guest)