Source code for bob.pad.face.database.mifs

#!/usr/bin/env python2
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

#!/usr/bin/env python


# Used in ReplayMobilePadFile class
from import FrameSelector, FrameContainer
import numpy as np

from bob.pad.face.database import VideoPadFile  # Used in ReplayPadFile class

from bob.pad.base.database import FileListPadDatabase


[docs]class MIFSPadFile(VideoPadFile): """ A high level implementation of the File class for the MIFS database. """ def __init__(self, client_id, path, attack_type=None, file_id=None): super(MIFSPadFile, self).__init__(client_id, path, attack_type, file_id) #==========================================================================
[docs] def load(self, directory=None, extension=None, frame_selector=FrameSelector(selection_style='all')): """ Overridden version of the load method defined in the ``VideoPadFile``. **Parameters:** ``directory`` : :py:class:`str` String containing the path to the MIFS database. Default: None ``extension`` : :py:class:`str` Extension of the video files in the MIFS database. Default: None ``frame_selector`` : ``FrameSelector`` The frame selector to use. **Returns:** ``video_data`` : FrameContainer Video data stored in the FrameContainer, see ```` for further details. """ path = self.make_path( directory=directory, extension=extension) # path to the file data = data = np.expand_dims(data, axis=0) # upgrade to 4D (video) video_data = frame_selector(data) # video data return video_data # video data
#============================================================================== class MIFSPadDatabase(FileListPadDatabase): """ A high level implementation of the Database class for the MIFS database. """ def __init__( self, protocol='grandtest', # grandtest is the default protocol for this database original_directory='[YOUR_MIFS_DATABASE_DIRECTORY]', original_extension='.jpg', **kwargs): from pkg_resources import resource_filename folder = resource_filename(__name__, '../lists/mifs/') super(MIFSPadDatabase, self).__init__( folder, 'mifs', pad_file_class=MIFSPadFile, protocol=protocol, original_directory=original_directory, original_extension=original_extension) #==========================================================================
[docs] def annotations(self, f): """ Return annotations for a given file object ``f``, which is an instance of ``MIFSPadFile``. **Parameters:** ``f`` : :py:class:`object` An instance of ``MIFSPadFile`` defined above. **Returns:** ``annotations`` : :py:class:`dict` A dictionary containing the annotations for each frame in the video. Dictionary structure: ``annotations = {'1': frame1_dict, '2': frame1_dict, ...}``. Where ``frameN_dict = {'topleft': (row, col), 'bottomright': (row, col)}`` is the dictionary defining the coordinates of the face bounding box in frame N. """ path_to_file = self.m_base_dir + '/annotations/' + f.path[:-4] + '.face' file_handle = open(path_to_file, 'r') line = file_handle.readline() bbox = [int(x) for x in line.split()] annotations = {} # dictionary to return topleft = (bbox[0], bbox[1]) bottomright = (bbox[0] + bbox[2], bbox[1] + bbox[3]) annotations['0'] = {'topleft': topleft, 'bottomright': bottomright} return annotations