Setting up Databases

In order to run face PAD algorithms using this package, you’ll need to make sure to download the raw files corresponding to the databases you’d like to process. The raw files are not distributed with Bob software as biometric data is, to most countries, considered sensible data that cannot be obtained without explicit licensing from a data controller. You must visit the websites below, sign the license agreements and then download the data before trying out to run the baselines.


If you’re at the Idiap Research Institute in Switzlerand, the datasets in the baselines mentioned in this guide are already downloaded and pre-installed on our shared file system. You don’t need to re-download databases.

The current system readily supports the following freely available datasets:

After downloading the databases, annotate the base directories in which they are installed. Then, follow the instructions in Installation Instructions to let this framework know where databases are located on your system.


Some databases may need to be configured using a newer method explained in Global Configuration System. Refer to the documentation of the database for further information.