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#!/usr/bin/env python
# vim: set fileencoding=utf-8 :

Implementation of the PipelineSimple using Dask :ref:``_

This file contains simple processing blocks meant to be used
for experiments

import logging

from sklearn.base import BaseEstimator
from sklearn.pipeline import Pipeline

from import BioAlgorithm
from bob.pipelines import SampleWrapper, is_instance_nested, wrap

from .score_writers import FourColumnsScoreWriter

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
import tempfile

class PipelineSimple:
    The simplest possible pipeline

    This is the backbone of most biometric recognition systems.
    It implements three subpipelines and they are the following:

     - :py:class:`PipelineSimple.train_background_model`: Initializes or trains your transformer.
        It will run :py:meth:``

     - :py:class:`PipelineSimple.enroll_templates`: Creates enrollment templates
        It will run :py:meth:`sklearn.base.BaseEstimator.transform` followed by a sequence of

     - :py:class:`PipelineSimple.probe_templates`: Creates probe templates
        It will run :py:meth:`sklearn.base.BaseEstimator.transform` followed by a sequence of

     - :py:class:`PipelineSimple.compute_scores`: Computes scores
        It will run :py:meth:``

       >>> from sklearn.preprocessing import FunctionTransformer
       >>> from sklearn.pipeline import make_pipeline
       >>> from import Distance
       >>> from import PipelineSimple
       >>> from bob.pipelines import wrap
       >>> import numpy
       >>> linearize = lambda samples: [numpy.reshape(x, (-1,)) for x in samples]
       >>> transformer = wrap(["sample"], FunctionTransformer(linearize))
       >>> transformer_pipeline = make_pipeline(transformer)
       >>> biometric_algorithm = Distance()
       >>> pipeline = PipelineSimple(transformer_pipeline, biometric_algorithm)
       >>> pipeline(samples_for_training_back_ground_model, samplesets_for_enroll, samplesets_for_scoring)  # doctest: +SKIP

    To run this pipeline using Dask, used the function

      >>> from import dask_bio_pipeline
      >>> pipeline = PipelineSimple(transformer_pipeline, biometric_algorithm)
      >>> pipeline = dask_bio_pipeline(pipeline)
      >>> pipeline(samples_for_training_back_ground_model, samplesets_for_enroll, samplesets_for_scoring).compute()  # doctest: +SKIP


    transformer: :py:class`sklearn.pipeline.Pipeline` or a `sklearn.base.BaseEstimator`
        Transformer that will preprocess your data

    biometric_algorithm: :py:class:``
        Biometrics algorithm object that implements the methods `enroll` and
        `score` methods

    score_writer: :any:``
        Format to write scores. Default to


    def __init__(
        transformer: Pipeline,
        biometric_algorithm: BioAlgorithm,
        self.transformer = transformer
        self.biometric_algorithm = biometric_algorithm
        self.score_writer = score_writer
        if self.score_writer is None:
            tempdir = tempfile.TemporaryDirectory()
            self.score_writer = FourColumnsScoreWriter(


    def __call__(
    ):" >> PipelineSimple: Training background model")
        self.train_background_model(background_model_samples)" >> PipelineSimple: Creating enroll templates")
        enroll_templates = self.enroll_templates(biometric_reference_samples)" >> PipelineSimple: Creating probe templates")
        probe_templates = self.probe_templates(probe_samples)" >> PipelineSimple: Computing scores")
        scores = self.compute_scores(

        if return_templates:
            return scores, enroll_templates, probe_templates
            return scores

[docs] def train_background_model(self, background_model_samples): # background_model_samples is a list of Samples # We might have algorithms that has no data for training if len(background_model_samples) > 0: else: logger.warning( "There's no data to train background model. " "For the rest of the execution it will be assumed that the pipeline does not require fit." ) return self.transformer
[docs] def enroll_templates(self, biometric_reference_samples): biometric_reference_features = self.transformer.transform( biometric_reference_samples ) enroll_templates = ( self.biometric_algorithm.create_templates_from_samplesets( biometric_reference_features, enroll=True ) ) # a list of Samples return enroll_templates
[docs] def probe_templates(self, probe_samples): probe_features = self.transformer.transform(probe_samples) probe_templates = ( self.biometric_algorithm.create_templates_from_samplesets( probe_features, enroll=False ) ) # a list of Samples return probe_templates
[docs] def compute_scores( self, probe_templates, enroll_templates, score_all_vs_all, ): return self.biometric_algorithm.score_sample_templates( probe_templates, enroll_templates, score_all_vs_all )
[docs] def write_scores(self, scores): if self.score_writer is None: raise ValueError("No score writer defined in the pipeline") return self.score_writer.write(scores)
[docs] def post_process(self, score_paths, filename): if self.score_writer is None: raise ValueError("No score writer defined in the pipeline") return self.score_writer.post_process(score_paths, filename)
def check_valid_pipeline(pipeline_simple): """ Applying some checks in the PipelineSimple """ # CHECKING THE TRANSFORMER # Checking if it's a Scikit Pipeline or an estimator if isinstance(pipeline_simple.transformer, Pipeline): # Checking if all steps are wrapped as samples, if not, we should wrap them for p in pipeline_simple.transformer: if ( not is_instance_nested(p, "estimator", SampleWrapper) and type(p) is not str and p is not None ): wrap(["sample"], p) # In this case it can be a simple estimator. AND # Checking if it's sample wrapper, if not, do it elif is_instance_nested( pipeline_simple.transformer, "estimator", BaseEstimator ) and is_instance_nested( pipeline_simple.transformer, "estimator", BaseEstimator ): wrap(["sample"], pipeline_simple.transformer) else: raise ValueError( f"pipeline_simple.transformer should be instance of either `sklearn.pipeline.Pipeline` or" f"sklearn.base.BaseEstimator, not {pipeline_simple.transformer}" ) # Checking the Biometric algorithm if not isinstance(pipeline_simple.biometric_algorithm, BioAlgorithm): raise ValueError( f"pipeline_simple.biometric_algorithm should be instance of `BioAlgorithm`" f"not {pipeline_simple.biometric_algorithm}" ) return True