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import logging
import pickle

from import BioAlgorithm
from bob.learn.em import JFAMachine

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

class JFA(JFAMachine, BioAlgorithm):
    """JFA transformer and bioalgorithm to be used in pipelines"""

[docs] def transform(self, X): """Passthrough""" return X
[docs] def create_templates(self, list_of_feature_sets, enroll): if enroll: return [ self.enroll(feature_set) for feature_set in list_of_feature_sets ] else: # TODO: We should compute these parts of self.score: # x = self.estimate_x(data) # Ux = self._U @ x # here to make scoring faster return list_of_feature_sets
[docs] def compare(self, enroll_templates, probe_templates): # TODO: The underlying score method actually supports batched scoring return [ [self.score(enroll, probe) for probe in probe_templates] for enroll in enroll_templates ]
[docs] @classmethod def custom_enrolled_save_fn(cls, data, path): pickle.dump(data, open(path, "wb"))
[docs] @classmethod def custom_enrolled_load_fn(cls, path): return pickle.load(open(path, "rb"))
def _more_tags(self): return { "bob_fit_supports_dask_bag": True, "bob_fit_extra_input": [("y", "reference_id_int")], "bob_enrolled_save_fn": self.custom_enrolled_save_fn, "bob_enrolled_load_fn": self.custom_enrolled_load_fn, "bob_checkpoint_features": False, }