Martigny, Switzerland · July 2016 · 12 Talks

The objective of this workshop is to present the current available software and hardware solutions for deep machine learning. We will focus on the two main industrial frameworks for the task: Facebook's Torch and Google's TensorFlow, and will discuss the general principles of deep learning, best practices, "under the hood" mechanisms, and the existing hardware solutions to deal with the specific computational requirements of these methods.

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Post-event poll

The event was attended by more than 250 persons every day, and the respondents to the poll following the event rated it in large majority good (47%) or very good (43.9%). The attendees span a wide range of origins, from the academic to the private sector, across Switzerland and Europe.

82.1% Male
17.8% Female

44.4% PhD student
28.9% Academic (non-student)
16.5% Industry / private sector

Institution of origin
35.0% EPFL
17.2% Idiap research institute
13.5% Private sector
12.7% Swiss universities
7.0% HES
6.4% Foreign universities
3.4% ETHZ

With the support of

SNSF, TheArk, Klewel, City of Martigny, Canton of Valais