Modeling Discourse Entities and Relations for Coherent Machine Translation

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MODERN is a SNSF Sinergia projected started in August 2013 and finished in July 2017.

MODERN was supported by grant n. CRSII2_147653 from the SNSF.

MODERN was led by the Idiap Research Institute with participants from the Universities of Geneva, Utrecht, and Zurich.

The goal of MODERN is to model and automatically detect textual dependencies across sentences, and to study their integration within machine translation systems, with the aim of demonstrating improvement in translation quality, with a specific focus on the interplay between referring expressions and discourse relations in four languages: English, French, German and Dutch. The MODERN project took advantage of the previous work carried in the COMTIS SNSF Sinergia project (2010-2013).

See also the English abstract and the French résumé in the SNSF database for MODERN.

  • [30-NOV-2015] Maryam Habibi has defended her PhD thesis at EPFL partially supported by MODERN.
  • [2-NOV-2015] Cristina Grisot has defended at UniGe her PhD thesis started in COMTIS and completed in MODERN.
  • [17-SEP-2015] Second workshop on Discourse and MT at EMNLP in Lisbon: strong involvement of MODERN
    through several papers, participation in the shared task on pronoun translation, and co-chairing the workshop.
  • [10/11-SEP-2015] Plenary meeting at the Idiap Research Institute in Martigny.
  • [20-MAY-2015] Joint paper between the U. of Zurich and Idiap accepted at the ACL Student Research Workshop.
  • [9/10-APR-2015] Plenary meeting at the Utrecht Institute of Linguistics, UiL/OTS.
  • [20-MAR-2015] Public PhD defense of Thomas Meyer (Idiap) at EPFL.
  • [18-MAR-2015] Prof. Martin Volk (UZh) presented a poster (with L. Mascarell and M. Fishel) on "Compounds,
    Coreferences and Multiword Translations" at the Parseme COST Action Meeting, Malta.
  • [10-MAR-2015] Prof. Martin Volk (UZh) was interviewed for the Neue Luzerner Zeitung on "Sprachgenies in Taschenformat".
  • [08-DEC-2014] Successful private PhD thesis defense of Thomas Meyer at EPFL.
  • [01-DEC-2014] Arrival at Idiap of Quang Luong, postdoctoral researcher, PhD from the U. of Grenoble.
  • [19-NOV-2014] Plenary meeting at the Institute of Computational Linguistics of the University of Zurich.
  • [20-OCT-2014] First annual scientific report is approved by the SNSF.
  • [09-OCT-2014] Paper presented at Konvens 2014 by L. Mascarell, M. Fishel, N. Korchagina, and M. Volk.
  • [15-SEP-2014] Visit of Idiap team to the University of Zurich.
  • [15-AUG-2014] Arrival at Idiap of Lesly Miculicich for a 6-month internship.
  • [01-AUG-2014] Arrival at Idiap of Xiao Pu, PhD student, and Pierre Lison, postdoctoral visitor from the University of Oslo.
  • [25-26-JUN-2014] Two-day plenary meeting at the University of Geneva.
  • [01-APR-2014] Martin Groen and Jet Hoek join MODERN in the UiL/OTS team.
  • [03-MAR-2014] Plenary meeting at Idiap. Talk by Martin Volk to the institute.
  • [24-JAN-2014] Paper accepted at LREC 2014 on "English-French Verb Phrase Alignment in Europarl for
    Tense Translation Modeling" by S. Loaiciga, Th. Meyer and A. Popescu-Belis.
  • [24-JAN-2104] paper accepted at LREC 2014 on "Cross-linguistic annotation of narrativity for
    English/French verb tense disambiguation", by C. Grisot and Th. Meyer.
  • [27-DEC-2013] two positions announced (postdoc, PhD) at UiL/OTS, Utrecht.
  • [21-DEC-2013] three positions announced (postdoc, PhD, intern) at Idiap, Martigny.
  • [03-DEC-2013] Idiap/UniZh technical meeting in Zurich. Talk by A. Popescu-Belis.
  • [01-NOV-2013] Laura Mascarell joins MODERN as a PhD student at UniZh/CL.
  • [07-OCT-2013] kick-off plenary meeting in Lausanne.
  • [22-AUG-2013] informal meeting between Idiap/NLP, UiL/OTS and UniZh/CL in Lausanne.
  • [01-AUG-2013] official start of the MODERN project.