Smart Battery Network

Mobi-Let creates a scalable and efficient battery exchange network for E-scooters on the basis of circular economy. They solve the pain of modern city and periphery transport by enhancing individual mobility with minimal impact on the environment. Mobi-Let connects users of soft mobility to renewable energy providers and addresses their concern about cost, range and battery life. Their approach is to promote local corner shops and SMEs by turning them into battery exchange hubs: Customer reserves a battery ahead of time, shows up with his empty battery and leaves in a few minutes with a charged battery, ready for the road. The role of Idiap on this project is on the topic of battery network management. Phase 1: How can we estimate the remaining range of a battery by taking into account the parameters that may affect the battery performance such as user data, battery data, outside temperature? Phase 2: How can we determine the best route by taking into account the above data as well as user's destination and available batteries in the network? To achieve the above, we will have to develop a hardware layer to make the batteries connected, our platform will collect usage data and then turn data to smart data for better service to clients and community. Basically we aim to create a better user experience than Tesla. We expect the technology to be applicable to other types of vehicles in the future (E-bikes, light cars).
Idiap Research Institute
Innosuisse - Swiss Innovation Agency
Sep 01, 2020
May 31, 2021