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World leaders in biometrics met at Idiap
tech — Apr 26, 2023

Idiap hosted a Biometrics Week. This one of a kind event gathered several hundreds of people from various backgrounds ranging from academia to industry. Organizers included the European Association for Biometrics and the US based Center for Identification Technology Research.

Improved facial recognition technologies inside cars
research — Jan 31, 2022

Institute’s researchers in biometrics developed tools for more efficient and more reliable facial recognition techniques in the automotive industry. They made available their results open source.

Idiap is looking for its next director
institute — Jan 14, 2022

Idiap Research Institute and the School of Engineering at EPFL invite applications for the directorship of Idiap. The successful candidate will also hold a faculty position as full professor at EPFL School of Engineering.

Fake faces for more ethics in biometrics
research — Oct 12, 2021

The lack of representativity in databases used to train facial recognition tools often creates biases. Creating a repository of fake faces can resolve these biases. Financed by the Hasler Foundation and under the supervision of Idiap Research Institute, the SAFER project gathers the University of Zurich and the company SICPA.

Idiaper appointed Professor at the University of Lausanne
education — Aug 30, 2021

Head of the Biometrcs security & privacy research group at Idiap, Sébastien Marcel was appointed Professor at School of Criminal Justice (Ecole des Sciences Criminelles) of the University of Lausanne from September 1st. His nomination is strengthening an already deep rooted collaboration between the two institutions.

Major Bob release
tech — last modified May 26, 2021

This release brings many changes and some packages have been completely re-written.

« My career at Idiap allowed me to establish a standard »
research — Mar 09, 2021

Since his arrival at Idiap 20 years ago, Sébastien Marcel is shaking up the research community in biometry. After several major projects and a long term hard work, the researcher established the bases for a new biometrics standard.

Android accredits Idiap's biometrics center
tech — Oct 21, 2020

To face the increasing use of biometrics systems, Android set up its own certification standard. The biometrics center of Idiap became accredited to deliver certificates meeting these standards. This competence builds up on the FIDO accreditation obtained in 2019.

Sanitary and cyber precautions, a key challenge for hospitals
tech — Apr 06, 2020

With one million Swiss francs budget and supported by the Innosuisse agency, the CANDY project will develop and patent a contact-less scanner allowing to identify people using the venous patterns of their hands. The project is a collaboration between the Global ID start-up and Idiap Research Institute.

Idiap becomes the world’s third biometrics certification center
institute — May 14, 2019

The reference in authentication standards, the FIDO Alliance has confirmed the accreditation of Idiap’s Biometrics Center as only the third member of a what remains a very exclusive club, placing it at the heart of those security issues that make up the sensitive and fast-growing domain of biometric certification.

Idiap spin-off KeyLemon acquired by ams
institute — Feb 09, 2018

On Monday Feb 6th, ams, a worldwide supplier of high performance sensor solutions, announced the acquisition of KeyLemon for an undisclosed amount [1].

A more secure biometric authentication system
research — Apr 25, 2017

Now EPFL's Security and Cryptography Laboratory and the startup Global ID have developed an even more secure identification system that processes data more safely than current standards and that leverages 3D vein imaging technology developed by the Idiap Research Institute in Martigny, the University of Applied Sciences in Sion (HES-SO Valais-Wallis) and Global ID.

Certificate of Advanced Studies in Biometrics and Privacy
research — Apr 04, 2017

Idiap created in collaboration with UniDistance a new Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) program. The goal of this program is to teach concepts and technologies in the area of Biometrics and Privacy and to provide students with a full understanding of data protection, privacy preservation, compliance with privacy regulations and potential privacy losses.

Sécurité biométrique: Martigny séduit les Etats-Unis
research — Mar 08, 2017

L’institut de recherche Idiap de Martigny et son Centre suisse de recherche et d’évaluation en sécurité biométrique ont intégré deux programmes phares du gouvernement américain. Odin et MediFor ont pour mission de lutter contre le "spoofing" et de démasquer la propagande. Les explications de Sébastien Marcel, directeur du centre, interrogé par Anne Baecher.

L’Idiap financé par les Américains pour ses travaux sur la biométrie
research — Mar 08, 2017

Nouvelle étape pour l’Idiap de Martigny: l’institut vient d’intégrer deux projets phare du gouvernement américain dédié à la sécurité biométrique, il fait partie d’un groupe de quatre équipes qui travailleront sur ODIN….un système contre ce qu’on appelle le spoofing.