The Idiap is developing its communications and marketing

Interview with Nicolas Filippov the new head of communications, marketing and public relations of the Idiap Research Institute.

In early July 2018, Idiap strengthened its team by hiring Nicolas Filippov as head of communications, marketing and public relations. The goal is to develop and strengthen the visibility of the institute, but also to improve the internal communication of a research center gathering more than one hundred people.

What is the current situation of the Idiap in terms of communications and marketing?

The institute excels in research, particularly at national as well as international level. Creation of spin-offs, links with the GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft) or European projects are common. Idiap is still too little known to the general audience and even in some Swiss academic circles. The important scientific development of the Institute did not leave enough time to work on the communications and marketing.

What are your goals for Idiap in this regard?

My aim is to give the institution the visibility that matches its research. At the local level, having a better communication with the general audience to explain the real problems related to artificial intelligence. Idiap's 25 years of expertise is a great asset in a context where sensational news are often difficult to understand. In the Romandie and at the national level, it is also essential to be better known by the scientific community in order to strengthen exchanges and collaborations. The institute possesses an amazing experience in scientific collaborations. It is also important to gain visibility in international projects. Idiap is a visiting card for Switzerland.

What are your strengths to achieve this?

If my experience in communication and marketing in the scientific and academic context is crucial, my real asset is that I am not a scientist myself. With the eye of the novice, I usually question and seek to understand. This is how it is possible to integrate the scientific message. In addition, I use my entrepreneurial experience to put in place new tools while keeping an overall vision.

Contact: Nicolas Filippov