Data protection, privacy rights and biometrics

Swiss Distance Learning University launches the only online training programme in Europe

Fingerprint scanners on your smartphone, face or iris detection at your company’s gate, biometric passport for travelling… New applications using biometric technologies are launched every day. They change our vision of society and pose challenging questions regarding citizens’ identities and the end of privacy. Where is the data stored? Who can access it for what purpose? Could it be hacked and misused?

Recognising the need many companies and governments have to understand and tackle data protection related issues generated by new technologies, Swiss Distance Learning University launches a training programme to start on April 1st, 2017, together with the Swiss Centre for Biometric Research and Testing from the IDIAP Institute. Taught online only by the best experts in Europe, this programme is for company, government service and organisation executives in all sectors.

More info can be found on the press release: