Idiaper appointed Professor at the University of Lausanne

Head of the Biometrcs security & privacy research group at Idiap, Sébastien Marcel was appointed Professor at School of Criminal Justice (Ecole des Sciences Criminelles) of the University of Lausanne from September 1st. His nomination is strengthening an already deep rooted collaboration between the two institutions.

Following several collaborations in the area of biometrics, Sébastien Marcel’s appointment as   Professor of the prestigious School of Criminal Justice in Lausanne seems natural. Among the best forensic institutions, Lausanne’s School of Criminal Justice keeps its lead by nominating one of the best specialist in biometrics worldwide. “I’m not only proud to be a Professor at the University of Lausanne, but I also hope that it will allow to increase the number of projects in collaboration with Idiap,” Marcel explains. “These closer ties could for example lead to a joint lab in biometrics applied to forensic science.”

Law and AI

As the School of Criminal Justice is part of the Faculty of Law, Criminal Justice and Public Administration of the University of Lausanne, there is also a strong interest to develop collaboration on broader topcs such as AI and law. “Of course, there is a biometrics security side to our activities, but there are also obvious privacy concerns,” Marcel explains. “Personnal data protection is a hot topic, which must be addressed both from legal and technical perspectives.”


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