Idiap rewarded its PhD students for their work

The best PhD student research and the best PhD student paper were awarded to Tiago de Freitas Pereira and Yu Yu. They received their prizes from Idiap’s director.

Awarded for his research, Tiago is investigating the problem face recognition using various images from different domains, such as visual light and infrared. The key difficulty in the comparison of faces in heterogeneous conditions is that images from the same subject may differ in appearance due to changes in image domain. Tiago proposed several techniques to address this problem, including experiments. Moreover, the implementation of all the proposed techniques are integrated into the collaborative open source software library Bob that enforces fair evaluations and encourages reproducible research. It is anticipated that the thesis will also be fully reproducible and provided as a single open source and documented repository.

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Awarded for his paper “HeadFusion: 360 degree Head Pose tracking combining 3D Morphable Model and 3D Reconstruction”, Yu focuses on 3D head pose from vision and depth sensors (like Kinect). Very robust tracking from any view point has been achieved thanks to a clever design combining various techniques. From a practical view point, the method removes constraints on sensor placement for facial behaviour analysis and allows a more systematic analysis of large amounts of recordings. In brief, accurate 3D head tracking becomes a commodity.
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