Idiap is training apprentices for the first time

The institute was inspired by the Swiss apprenticeship system to create its Masters in Artificial Intelligence, now it decided to train classic apprentices. Yana and Mattéo, our two apprentices, just started at Idiap.

One is undertaking a commercial apprenticeship in the secretariat and human resources team, while the other started his informatics apprenticeship among the system and infrastructure groupe. We met them a few days after they started at Idiap to get to know them a bit better.

Why did you decide to have your apprenticeship at Idiap?

Mattéo: After the pre-professional school, my grades allowed me to choose between various training programs and I finally decided to go with the apprenticeship, because Idiap was the most interesting choice for me. I had already heard about the institute and it was more appealing to me than having only theoretical courses at school.

Yana: It was a bit by chance that I discovered Idiap. A friend of mine forwarded me the job advertisement, but I wasn’t sure I would fit here, as it’s a scientific institute and I’m not really into sciences. But after doing a traineeship at the beginning of summer, I discovered what the team was really doing and I enjoyed it.

How were your first days at the Institute?

Yana: Very predictable thanks to the traineeship. The schedule is planned step by step according to my courses. I have economy, accounting, communications and language classes.

Mattéo: I’m not working a lot on computers, because I still need theoretical knowledge to do so. As working hours are flexible, I can help with the IT inventory by visiting offices when people are not using their computers.

How do you see your future?

Mattéo: In about four years, I’d like to pass the Swiss secondary school diploma. I could imagine coming back at Idiap after that, as I enjoy working here.

Yana: I’m very excited to come to work at Idiap and I can imagine continuing working here after my apprenticeship.


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