The Committee for Social Security and Health of the National Council visits the Idiap Research Institute.

It is a longstanding tradition that National Council committees visit their president’s canton at the end of his or her term.

After two year as head of the Committee for Social Security and Health, national Councilor Stéphane Rossini will return to the ranks at the end of the year. His Committee of 25 members has held a meeting in Valais last week. During those days on Valaisan soil the Committee had the opportunity to discover the research conducted at the institute. The development engineers of Idiap have presented some of their demonstrations, amongst which the NAO robot. The start-ups of the The Ark Incubator at the IdeArk site, Klewel, KeyLemon and Koemei, as well the SME Cinetis have also seized the occasion to present their products.


After the visit, the Committee members have shared an aperitif, offered by the City of Martigny, with the Idiap managers and the President of Martigny.