William DROZ

Short Biography

I’ve been programming since 2004 and I got my master degree in software engineering in 2015. I enjoy playing with some cutting edge research technologies, like Pytorch/Tensorflow/Keras. Deep learning projects are always challenging!


Here some domains that I'm knowledgeable

  • NLP
    • I’m familiar with NLP stuff like n-grams, chunking, stemming, lemmatization, stop words, sentiment analysis and TF-IDF. I didn’t work yet with cutting-edge research like seq2seq
  • Time Series
    • I’m familiar with window method, feature extraction, multi-variates input/output. I know how to use RNN with this topic
  • Deep Learning
    • I know well Keras, but not much Pytorch and Tensorflow. I plan to gain in-depth knowledge of Pytorch by the end of year
    • I worked with RNNs(LSTM/GRU), CNN, Dense, Dropout, BatchNormalization, class_weight and auxiliary inputs

Tel: +41277217762
Office: 408-8