Sandrine Tornay

I'm a PhD student (2016-2020) affiliated at the Electrical Engineering Doctoral program of EPFL and working in the Speech Group (more precisely sign language) at Idiap Research Institute. My work is taking place in the SMILE project financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation. The goal of the project SMILE is to develop an advanced platform which permits to assess Swiss German sign language (DSGS). This project uses a multidisciplinary framework which involves three partners: the Hochschule fur Heilpadagogik (HfH) in Zurich who brings its expertise in sign language linguistics and assessment disciplines, the University of Surrey (UK) who brings its expertise in sign language technology and computer vision more precisely visual data acquisition, and the Idiap Research Institute who brings its expertise in automatic speech recognition.

I'm focusing on the sign language technology aspect of the SMILE project. More precisely the purpose is to give assessment feedback on the production and styling of a produced sign. To do this, a recognition model that can model the relationship between the multichannel visual features and linguistic information are developed. The key properties of the recognition model is to be a sequential process which must be able to keep different strand of visual informations dissociated. Feature dissociation is important to find where and what is the error and thus permits to adapt the assessment purpose of this project.

I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (2014) and a Master of Science in Mathematics (2015) at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland). My Bachelor complementary fields were Psychology (30ECTs) and Neurosciences (30ECTs).

My research interests lie on the mathematics applied in the artificial intelligence domain, the psychology aspect of a project and machine learning.

Tel: +41 27 721 7798
Office: 303-3