Shantipriya PARIDA

Short Biography

I am working as a post-doctoral researcher with Prof. Petr Motlicek at Idiap Research Institute since Feb 2019. My current research includes Text Summarization, Topic Detection, Fake-news Detection, Machine Translation, and NLP resource development for low resource and indigineous languages. Before Idiap, I was working as a Post-doctoral researcher with Prof. Ondřej Bojar at Charles University, Prague working on Machine Translation, and Deep Learning. I have expertise in machine learning, AI, computational neuroscience, product development, system/solution architect. Co-organizer for Workshop on Asian Translation WAT2019, WAT2020, and WAT2021. Along with Prof. Ondřej Bojar organised the WAT2019 Multimodal-Translation Task, WAT2020 Multimodal-Translation Task, and WAT2020 Indic Odia-English Translation Task. Program committee member for the LREC 2020 Workshop on Indian Language Data: Resources and Evaluation (WILDRE), ICON 2020, LowResMT2020, LowResMT2021, MMTLRL-2021, EMNLP2021, and Automin2021 . Now we are working on our edited NLP book titled "Natural Language Processing in Healtchcare: A Special Focus on Low Resource Languages".



Postdoc in Neural Machine Translation under guidance of Prof. Ondřej Bojar at Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistic, Faculty of Physics & Mathematics, Charles University, Prague.

Ph.D. in Computer Science, Utkal University, INDIA, 2016. THESIS TITLE: “CLASSIFYING INSTANTANEOUS COGNITIVE STATES BASED ON MACHINE LEARNING APPROACH”, under the guidance of Dr. Satchidananda Dehuri, Reader F. M. University, Balasore, Odisha, INDIA.

Master of Technology (First Class with Honors) in Computer Science, School of Mathematics Statistics & Computer Science, Utkal University, INDIA 2004. DISSERTATION TITLE : “COMBINATION OF CLASSIFIERS”, completed from Machine Intelligence Unit, Indian Statistical Institute under the guidance of Prof. Ashish Ghosh.

Master of Computer Application (First Class), Utkal University, 2001.

Bachelor of Science, Utkal University, 1998.

Professional Experience

Worked as System Architect in Huawei Technologies India Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, INDIA from July 2007 to Jan 2018.

  • Understanding customer requirements, designing mobile broadband, IPTV/OTT solution.
  • Participating in Bidding/PostBid phase, conducting customer workshop,CTO level presentation.
  • Industry trend analysis, competitor analysis, white paper preparation

Worked as Senior Software Engineer in Torry Harris Business Solutions, Bangalore, INDIA from May 2005 to July 2007.

  • Team leader for development and L3 support team for a Telecom Fraud Management Product owned by a UK based Telecom Operator.
  • Development using UNIX, C++, Shell Scripting, AWK/SED.

Worked as Software Engineer in ANZ Information Technology, Bangalore, INDIA from Oct 2004 to Apr 2005.

  • Developing banking solution using UNIX, C++.


Selected Conference and Jornal Paper

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  • OdiEnCorp2.0 (Odia-English parallel corpus)
  • OdiEnCorp 1.0 (Odia-English parallel and Odia monolingual corpus)
  • Hindi Visual Genome 1.1 (English to Hindi Multimodal dataset)
  • Malayalam Visual Genome 1.1 (English to Malayalam Multimodal dataset)
  • English->Hindi Machine Translation System
  • Odia-NLP-Resource-Catalog
  • Personal home page


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