Samuel Gaist

Electrical engineer coming from the Ecole d'Ingenieur du Valais, I've written applications in the fields of:

  • Database management
  • Machine control
  • Audio/Video acquisition
  • Image/Video processing
  • Client/Server setup
  • Web services

I have worked on all major desktop platforms (Linux/macOS/Windows) as well as mobile (iOS/Android). Part of my work included embedded systems running custom made Linux sytems.

I'm also an active contributor of the Qt project where I've been awarded the lifetime Qt Champion title for my contributions to the project. My work includes bug and documentation fixing, features implementation as well as forum and Wiki activities where I am a moderator.
Recently I've also been trusted with approver rights which allows me to enable the merge process for other fellow developer's contributions.

This has also lead me to contribute to other projects like KDE or some of KDAB's open source projects like GammaRay.

Through my work at Idiap I've also contributed to projects outside of the Qt scope and in various programming languages. For example:

This list is not exhaustive and comprises contributions that ranges from documentation improvement to build system and bug fixes as well as new features implementation.

More of my contributions can be found on my:

Tel: +41 27 721 7764
Office: 408-1