Rabeeh Karimi Mahabadi

Short Biography

I am a PhD student in the Natural Language Understanding group Natural Language Understanding group at Idiap Research Institute and EPFL, under the supervision of James Henderson.

I work on representation learning for text. In particularly, I work on representation learning for modeling abstraction.

My end goal of research, would be to reuse the learned representation in other domains such as summarization.


I received my Bachelor in Electrical engineering (Communications and signal processing) from Amirkabir university of Technology,Iran and my master in Computer science (Computer vision and machine learning) from ETH, Zurich.


  • A Learning-Based Framework for Quantized Compressed Sensing, R. Karimi Mahabadi, J. Lin, V. Cevher, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, 2019.

  • Real-time DCT Learning-based Reconstruction of Neural Signals, R. Karimi Mahabadi, C. Aprile, V. Cevher, EUSIPCO, 2018. PDF

  • A Non-Euclidean Gradient Descent Framework for Non-Convex Matrix Factorization, Y. Hsieh, Y. Kao, R.Karimi Mahabadi, A. Kyrillidis, and V. Cevher, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 2018. PDF

  • Learning-Based Compressive MRI, B. Gözcü, R. Karimi Mahabadi, Y. Li, E. Ilıcak, T. Cukur, J. Scarlett, and V.Cevher, IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 2017. PDF

  • Segment Based 3D Object Shape Priors, R. Karimi Mahabadi, C. Hane, M. Pollefeys, CVPR, 2015. PDF

  • Scalable sparse covariance estimation via self-concordance, A. Kyrillidis, R. Karimi Mahabadi, Q. Tran-Dinh, V. Cevher, AAAI, 2014. PDF

  • Advanced MATLAB for Electrical Engineers: Neural Networks, Image processing, Genetic Algorithms, Fuzzy logic, and Digital Communication, A. Alamdari, R. Karimi Mahabadi, A. Doosti, Z. Rajabi, Negarandeye Danesh publisher, ISBN:978-600-6190-11-2.

  • Simulink for Engineers, A. Alamdari, R. Karimi Mahabadi, Negarandeye Danesh publisher, ISBN:978-600-6190-04-4.


  • Grace Hopper travel grant by Google, 2018.

  • WiML (Women in Machine Learning) travel grant, 2017

  • EDIC PhD program fellowship by EPFL, 2017

  • ETH Master program Scholarship, 2015

Tel: +41277217446
Office: 306-5a