Short Biography

Greetings, I'm Pradeep Rangappa, hailing from Bengaluru, India. I am currrently a postdoctoral researcher in the speech and audio processing group at Idiap, working under the supervision of Dr. Petr Motlicek. I have primarily worked on developing speech technologies (ASR, speaker diarization, spoken language identification and sentiment analysis) in different start-ups in India and possess 3.5 years of invaluable industry experience. During my tenure as a Senior Research Scientist at Swiggy, India's second-largest online food delivery platform, I played a pivotal role in the Applied Research Team. Additionally, I've served as an AI researcher at, a startup dedicated to advancing technology solutions for the banking and insurance sectors. Before joining Swiggy, I earned my PhD from IIT Kharagpur under the supervision of Prof. K Sreenivasa Rao sir, where my research centered on integrating manner of articulation knowledge into different phases of ASR development. I always find it fulfilling to delve deep into the model's current version and conduct error analyses. This practice yields valuable clues for model improvement. On a personal note, my curiosity extends beyond technology. Recently, I've embarked on a journey to explore the art of cooking, adding a new dimension to my quest for learning. I've been consistently engaged in playing Badminton. Just recently, my wife and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary (as on 24-Aug-2023), and we are also proud parents to our daughter, Manasvi (dob: 17.11.2022).



  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (2015-2019)
  • Master of Technology (M. Tech.) in Signal Processing at Siddaganga Institute of Technology (S.I.T), Tumkur, India (2012-2014)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) in Electronics and Communication Engineering, Vivekananda Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, India (2008-2012)


Professional Experience

  • April 2021 - Jan 2022: Senior Research Scientist in the Applied Research team at Swiggy (Bundl Technologies Pvt. Ltd.), Bengaluru
  • Jan 2020 - April 2021: Research Scientist-II in the Applied Research team at Swiggy (Bundl Technologies Pvt. Ltd.), Bengaluru
  • July 2019 - Jan 2020: AI Researcher at, Bengaluru
  • Oct 2016 - July 2019: TCS Research Scholar in the department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Kharagpur
  • Oct 2014 - Oct 2016: Senior Scientific Officer on DIT (Govt. of India) funded project on "Speech based access of Agricultural commodity price information retrieval for Indian languages - Phase 2"



  • Delivery Executive fraud detection using ASR and NLP
  • Customer Sentiments by analysing the agent and customer (CX) interactions
  • Speaker Diarization to understand if CX is speaking or the Delivery executive
  • Identifying if the candidate is nervous or confident in an interview scenario
  • Voice based insurance claims

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Office: CP303-8