Data description

Data content: the junction is controlled by traffic lights, and thus exhibit corresponding activities: cars stopping at the red light, pedestrian waiting for crossing. In addition, there is a significant amount of pedestrians activities, that are by nature less constraints than those of cars.

Video length: 44.13 Minutes (66324 frames)
Frame size: 360x288, and Frame rate: 25 Hz

Sample video file in format: [avi] [ogv]

Original full video file: [avi].


The video contains multiple instances of rare or unusual events such as

  • vehicle stopping after the stop line,
  • people crossing the road away from the zebra crossing,
  • jay walking, and
  • car entering pedestrian area.

DATA abnormality annotation file


The demonstration video shows the result of the abnormal event detection approach described in the paper referenced below.

Copyright and Reference

The dataset can be used for non-commercial, research puposes only. If you use this dataset in any of your published work, please cite the following paper:

Topic Models for Scene Analysis and Abnormality Detection
J. Varadarajan and J.M. Odobez,
in Proc. ICCV Visual Surveillance workshop (ICCV-VS), Kyoto, Ocotber 2009.