Research Team 2009


During the past years I had the chance to work with those folks:

  1. Dr Agnes Just, PhD student, graduated in 2006

  2. Dr Yann Rodriguez, PhD student graduated in 2006

  3. Dr Fabien Cardinaux, PhD student graduated in 2005

  4. Jordi Sanchez-Riera, Master student, 2009

  5. Javier Galbally, PhD student, 2009

  6. Simon Jacquier, EPFL Master student, 2008

  7. Anh-Thu Nguyen, EPFL Master student, 2007

  8. Jean Keomany, EPFL Master student, 2006

  9. Tiffany Sauquet, EURECOM Master student, 2005

Thanks to all of them.


From left to right: Anindya Roy, Guillaume Heusch, Sébastien Marcel, Niklas Johansson, Venkatesh Bala Subburaman, Christopher Mc Cool and Cosmin Atanasoaei

The Team

  1. Dr Christopher Mc Cool (PostDoc) started in March 2008

  2. Guilaume Heusch (PhD student) started in 2006

  3. Anindya Roy (PhD student) started in August 2007

  4. Venkatesh Bala Subburaman (PhD student) started in September 2007

  5. Cosmin Atanasoaei (PhD student) started in May 2008

  6. Niklas Johansson (PhD student) started in September 2008

A Tribute to Students