Importance Sampling for Keras

Deep learning models spend countless GPU/CPU cycles on trivial, correctly classified examples that do not individually affect the parameters. For instance, even a very simple neural network achieves ~98% accuracy on MNIST after a single epoch.

Importance sampling focuses the computation to informative/important samples (by sampling mini-batches from a distribution other than uniform) thus accelerating the convergence.

This library:

  • wraps Keras models requiring just one line changed to try out Importance Sampling
  • comes with modified Keras examples for quick and dirty comparison
  • is the result of ongoing research which means that your mileage may vary


The main API that is provided is that of The library uses composition to seamlessly wrap your Keras models and perform importance sampling behind the scenes.

The example that follows is the minimal working example of importance sampling. Note the use of a separate final activation layer in order for the library to be able to get the pre-activation outputs.

from keras.datasets import mnist
from keras.models import Sequential
from keras.layers import Dense, Activation
import numpy as np

from import ImportanceTraining

# Load mnist
(x_train, y_train), (x_test, y_test) = mnist.load_data()
x_train = x_train.reshape(-1, 784).astype(np.float32) / 255
y_train = np.eye(10).astype(np.float32)[y_train]
x_test = x_test.reshape(-1, 784).astype(np.float32) / 255
y_test = np.eye(10).astype(np.float32)[y_test]

# Build your NN normally
model = Sequential()
model.add(Dense(512, activation='relu', input_shape=(784,)))
model.add(Dense(512, activation='relu'))
model.compile("adam", "categorical_crossentropy", metrics=["accuracy"])

# Train with importance sampling
history = ImportanceTraining(model).fit(
    x_train, y_train,
    batch_size=128, epochs=5,
    validation_data=(x_test, y_test)


Importance sampling has the following dependencies:

  • Keras >= 2
  • numpy
  • blinker

You can install it from PyPI with:

pip install --user keras-importance-sampling


In case you want theoretical and empirical evidence regarding Importance Sampling and Deep Learning we encourage you to follow our research.

  1. Not All Samples Are Created Equal: Deep Learning with Importance Sampling (2018)
  2. Biased Importance Sampling for Deep Neural Network Training (2017)
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Moreover we suggest you look into the following highly related and influential papers:

  • Stochastic optimization with importance sampling for regularized loss minimization [pdf]
  • Variance reduction in SGD by distributed importance sampling [pdf]

This software is distributed with the MIT license which pretty much means that you can use it however you want and for whatever reason you want. All the information regarding support, copyright and the license can be found in the LICENSE file in the repository.