Jérôme KÄMPF

Short Biography

Back in high school, I was fond of three subjects: Physics, Computer Science and English. I believe I had the best Physics teacher ever, so I decided to study Physical Sciences to teach like him. I had the opportunity to do an ERASMUS during my studies, which I chose to be in England. I enjoyed so much my experience abroad that I did my Master thesis' work in Physics in London. Back to Switzerland, I decided to study the second subject I like most: Computer Science. And finally, did a postgraduate in education to share my passions. I started teaching in a middle school, and was seeing my life straight leading to retirement. I decided to give it some ups and downs beforehand and did a PhD, ended up doing a post-doc, being group leader, creating a company, being professor and senior researcher.



PhD, On the Modelling and Optimisation of Urban Energy Fluxes, Prof. Dr Jean-Louis Scartezzini, Prof. Dr Darren Robinson, LESO-PB, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, 2009
Master, Pedagogics, Haute Ecole Pédagogique Lausanne, 2005
Master, Computer Science, University of Lausanne, 2003
Master, Physics, University of Lausanne, 2001
ERASMUS, Physics, University of Kent at Canterbury, UK, 1999


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