Idiap Tasks

I am pleased to take advantage of my research expertise and my passion for new technologies to help Swiss companies innovate.

As Technology Transfer Officer at Idiap, here are some of my tasks:

  • I am the contact person for companies interested in collaborating with Idiap
  • I collaborate with researchers to prepare industrial projects like for instance The Ark and Innosuisse projects
  • I bring my help if needed during the lifecycle of these projects
  • I present Idiap and its activities to industrial partners
  • I identify collaboration opportunities with potentially new partners
  • I keep up to date the Idiap technology portfolio

Short Biography

I am a computer scientist, former PhD student at the MICC (University of Florence) and former postdoctoral researcher at the HumanTech institute (HES-SO Fribourg), very happy to come back working in my beloved Valais. I have a strong interest in new technologies in general, with specific experience in machine learning, human-computer interactions and multimedia processing. I also enjoyed 5 years of teaching in domains like machine learning, information systems and web development.

In my free time, I enjoy hiking, running and ski touring on our beautiful mountains, and I am addicted to Rubik's cube, with a growing collection of twisty puzzles.

Among my favorite programming languages and frameworks:

  • Python, Java, Scala, C++, C#, TypeScript
  • Django, Angular, Ionic


  • 2012-2015: Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Engineering, Multimedia and Telecommunication at University of Florence, Italy
    PhD Thesis: Emotion recognition in multimedia content and creation of an empathic television in order to improve television user experiences.
  • 2009-2011: Master of Science  HES-SO in Engineering, major in Information and Communication Technologies at HES-SO
    Master thesis: Brain Computer Interface research – Gesture recognition of simple hands movement using a brain lightweight headset for driving an electric Smart Wheelchair based on the user’s brain activity (C#, Open-VIBE, SVM).
  • 2006-2009: Bachelor of Science HES-SO in Computer Science at School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg
    Graduate work: Design and implementation of a semi-virtual pool game on an interactive table (C#, XAML, Open Dynamics Engine).
  • 2002-2006: Swiss Federal Certificate (CFC + Maturité technique) in Computer Science at Ecole des Métiers du Valais (EMVS)
    Graduate work: Design and implementation of the stock management system for the printer supplies of the company (ASP.NET, MS SQL Server).

Tel: +41 27 721 77 22
Office: 409-2