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  09.11: The pandemic's impact on people's aspirations, from our Swiss Citizen Science project, on 24 Heures
  03.10: Congratulations to our new graduates of the EPFL Master in Digital Humanities
  24.09: The Trust Over Time project at the Initiative for Media Innovation Annual Event
  22.09: Wearables that claim to understand emotions? Discussion on Swiss public radio (RTS)
  02.09: Here are the latest findings of the Corona Citizen Science project
  01.09: New EC H2020 AI4Media project starts today
  01.09: New EC H2020 ICARUS project starts today
  31.08: Dr. Skanda Muralidhar leaves the group to take a new position at Electronic Arts. All the best!
  25.06: How citizen science can help labeling Mars rover images: discussion in Le Temps
  23.06: Congratulations to Lakmal Meegahapola for passing his PhD candidacy exam
  23.06: Here are the first findings of the Corona Citizen Science project
  01.06: New project with UNIL and IMD colleagues supported by the E4S program starts today
  15.05: Congratulations to Sina Sajadmanesh for passing his PhD candidacy exam
  07.05: Congratulations to Trung Phan for defending his PhD thesis
  22.04: Swiss residents can take part in the Corona Citizen Science Challenge using the Civique mobile platform
  14.04: New project with EPFL and UNIL colleagues: Corona Citizen Science
  11.02: Talk on Cites, Citizens, and Data at UNIL Semaine de la Digitalisation
  01.12: New SNSF SPARK project (with UNIL) starts today
  15.11: Keynote at Study Week on Digital Humanities organized by Science et Jeunesse / Schweizer Jugend Forscht
  09.11: Debate on Swiss Public Radio (RTS) for the series Au Temps du Numerique
  07.11: Presentation of cross-disciplinary research projects supported by UNIL-EPFL CROSS program
  05.10: Congratulations to the first graduates of the EPFL Master's Program in Digital Humanities
  01.10: New project supported by the Initiative for Media Innovation (IMI) starts today
  15.09: Quizzing the public about social media research at EPFL 50th anniversary
  14.09: Discussing social media phenomena on Swiss TV : Radio Television Suisse
  10.09: Keynote: Sensing Nightlife at Ubicomp AppLens Workshop
  01.08: Dr. Laurent Nguyen leaves the group to take a new position at EyeWare. All the best!
  23.07: Our work featured in Italian media: La Stampa
  22.07: Our work featured in Swiss media: La Liberte
  24.06: Lakmal Meegahapola starts as PhD student. Welcome!
  06.06: Talk about AI for social good at Swiss Innovation Night, Madrid
  03.06: Lecture on Social Media, Cities, and Citizens at Summer School on Digital Communication and Digital Humanities
  22.05: Our group received a Honorable Mention Paper Award at Pervasive Health 2019
  16.05: Talk: Ubiquitous Computing for People at Work at UNIL Organizational Behavior Brownbag Seminar
  15.05: Sina Sajadmanesh starts as PhD student. Welcome!
  14.05: Talk about urban crowdsourcing at GIScience Colloquium of the University of Zurich
  20.03: Participating at Interdisciplinary Workshop on Analysis of Multi-Scale Health Dynamics Collegium Helveticum Zurich
  15.03: Interview on diversity, biases, and machine learning in Spanish media: La Vanguardia
  14.03: Interview on Radio Suisse Romande about Digital Lives project
  01.03: New Innosuisse ADVANCE project starts today
  01.03: Dr. Benoit Masse starts as postdoctoral researcher. Welcome!
  14.02: Panel on Citizen Participation and Digital Humanities at Palau Macaya Barcelona
  12.02: Talk on Cites, Citizens, and Data at Semaine de la Digitalisation
  01.02: New LOIS project on Cross-Disciplinary Research on Science and Society (with UNIL) starts today
  28.01: Talk on Perceiving the City with Crowds and AI at Applied Machine Learning Days
  25.01: Talk on Computing with People at Work at TechnoArk Conference
  09.01: Keynote: Cities in the Global South and Multimedia at International Conference on Multimedia Modeling
  01.01: New European WeNet FET project (with University of Trento and a large consortium) starts today
  12.12: Our work featured in Ces romandes qui inventent le future, at Bilan Magazine
  11.12: Our new SNSF project featured in Les dossiers de l'Universite de Neuchatel
  04.12: Talk: mobile crowdsensing and public participation at FORS Methods and Research Meetings Series
  01.12: New SNSF Digital Lives project (with University and Neuchatel and University and Lausanne) starts today
  30.11: Skanda Muralidhar sucessfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations!
  21.11: Talk: mobile crowdsourcing to understand real-life eating patterns at Public Health and Nutrition Conference, Brussels
  24.10: Talk: mobile crowdsourcing for social good at DataThink Lausanne
  16.10: Coverage of our work on mobile sensing, youth, and nightlife on Swiss news: 24 heures and Le Matin
  16.10: Our work on mobile sensing, youth, and nightlife on EPFL News
  30.08: Coverage of Idiap Innovation Day by Le Temps
  29.08: Talk at Idiap Innovation Day: Talk video
  05.07: Talk about Dusk2Dawn project at AAAI HCOMP Workshop
  28.06: Keynote: Crowdsourcing the Campus, the City, and Beyond at International Conference on Movement and Computing
  27.06: Talk about SenseCityVity in Genoa at Italian Institute of Technology
  18.06: Interview on AI and diversity with Amenaza Roboto
  31.05: Dr. Rui Hu leaves the group to take a new position at IBM Research. All the best!
  15.05: Article about the UBImpressed project at Eurhodip Magazine
  01.04: New InnoSuisse project (with UNIL and VimaLink) starts today
  11.03: Keynote: Crowdsensing the Campus and the City at ACM IUI SymCollab Workshop
  09.03: Talk on Ubiquitous First Impressions at Seikei University
  07.03: Talk on Mobile Crowdsensing at Nagoya University
  12.02: Our work on Airbnb home ambiance featured on ACM TechNews
  09.02: Our work on ambiance recognition on Airbnb photos featured on EPFL News
  01.02: Dr. Gulcan Can leaves the group to take a new position at Nomoko. All the best!
  29.01: Talk on machine learning, video, and recruitment at Digitization of HR
  20.12: Our work on Swiss Instagram and food consumption featured at PCTipp Magazine
  13.12: Talk on Civic Media and Crowdsourcing at the University of Trento
  04.12: Talk in Amsterdam at the European Seminar on Urban Data Science
  20.11: The Swisko project featured at Aide et Soins Magazine
  02.11: Short course on Smartphones and Social Sensing for Psychological Science at the University of Zurich
  10.10: I was awarded the 2017 Community Service Award at ACM ICMI
  25.09: Gulcan Can sucessfully defended her PhD thesis. Congratulations!
  19.09: Launch of the new EPFL master program on Digital Humanities
  04.09: Talk on ambiance recognition at the SSP Symposium on New Technologies for Studying Everyday Life
  31.08: Talk on Civic Media and Crowdsourcing at ACM RecSys Workshop on Recommender Systems for Citizens
  25.08: Talk on the Civique platform at Eco-Villages Forum, Les Diablerets. Online talk here
  01.08: New SNSF Dusk2Dawn project (with LaTrobe University and University of Zurich) starts today
  20.06: Talk on Images, Tags & Interpretable Machine Learning at UNIL seminar on Cognitive Delegation to Machines
  15.05: New DCrowdLens Hasler project starts today
  12.05: Mobile crowsourcing as a teaching tool: the Civique platform on EPFL News
  11.05: Talk about the Civique platform at the Carnotzet Scientifiques
  01.03: New EPFL-CODEV PCWO project with partners in Mexico and Colombia starts today
  27.02: Work on the MAAYA project on SNSF Horizons Magazine
  01.02: New EPFL-UNIL project, Cross-Disciplinary Research on Science and Society: Multimodal Linguistic Crowdsourcing
  15.01: Radio Television Suisse (RTS) examines the street harassment phenomenon in Lausanne (Civique platform): Video coverage
  19.12: Presentation of study on street harassment by the City of Lausanne, enabled by the Civique platform: Report and media coverage
  01.12: Presentation of Youth@Night at event organized by the City of Lausanne: Nightlife Forum
  18.11: Talk: Looking at Maya Hieroglyphs at Workshop on Historical Document Analysis
  16.11: Talk: Computing for and with People at L'Innovation en Question, Techno-Pole Sierre
  15.11: Talk at the Geneva Urban Data Design Day
  10.11: Workshop on High-skilled Migration, Diasporas, and Digital Technologies
  02.11: I joined the Editorial Board of the new PACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable, and Ubiquitous Technologies IMWUT
  10.10: Talk on job interview analysis at Radboud University Nijmegen
  09.10: Talk on job interview and video resume analytics at ECCV ChaLearn Workshop on Apparent Personality Recognition
  04.10: Youth@Night project presented at Workshop on Social Media and Public Security
  23.09: SenseCityVity project presented at Poder Hacer: Int. Conference on Creative Cities
  20.09: Darshan Santani defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations!
  16.09: Talk about Swiss geo-localized social media at Swiss Days of Official Statistics
  01.09: Overview of the social computing group at Idiap Innovation Day
  16.06: Talk about Civic Multimedia at CBMI: Content-based Multimedia Indexing Workshop
  25.05: Talk about Mobile Crowdsourcing and Urban Perception at UNIL Seminar: Pratiques des Humanites Digitales
  02.05: SenseCityVity project presented at Tech4Dev International Conference
  06.04: Talk about Civic Multimedia at CICESE Mexico
  22.03: Mention: the value of mobile sensing in The New York Times
  03.03: Talk about SenseCityVity project at Essential Talks Series, CODEV@EPFL
  04.02: SenseCityVity featured on Mexican TV news: Noticias Mexico al Dia
  02.02: SenseCityVity expands work in Mexico: CONACYT News
  01.01: Trung Phan starts his doctoral studies. Welcome!
  13.12: Talk: Looking at Hieroglyphs at European Web Maya Conference: The Maya in a Digital World
  03.12: Talk: Looking at Cities in Mexico with Crowds at ACM DEV
  13.11: Talk: Impressions and Behavior in Social Video at ICMI ASSP4MI Workshop
  04.11: TV interview about the MAAYA project on La Tele
  03.11: Coverage of our Maya codex research on NZZ - Neue Zurcher Zeitung
  03.11: Coverage of our Maya codex research on Le Temps
  02.11: Rui Hu and the MAAYA project are featured on EPFL News
  20.10: Talk about conversational social video at Autumn School on Humans and Technology, Netherlands
  14.10: Our work on behavioral analysis of job interviews featured at Bilan Magazine
  14.09: Talk on behavioral analysis of job interviews at NTT Communication Science Labs Japan
  11.09: Thanks to Kenji Mase, Marc Langheinrich and all the team in Osaka for a great conference and a new attendance record at Ubicomp/ISWC 2015
  31.08: Two lectures on social media, crowdsourcing, and behavioral analysis in Paris at SMART LABEX School
  28.08: Darshan Santani's work on mobile crowdsourcing of road conditions in Kenya was covered on EPFL News
  10.07: Coverage (in Spanish) of SenseCityVity project on CONACYT News
  01.07: New project supported by Loterie Romande
  08.05: Best wishes to Dr. Trinh-Minh-Tri Do in his new career as Data Scientist at Gianty
  10.04: TV coverage of the Social Computing Group on Canal 9 Valais
  02.04: Special Session on Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition for Archaeological Research at CAA 2015
  18.02: Laurent Nguyen defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations!
  05.02: Funding for new phase of SenseCityVity project granted by EPFL CODEV
  30.01: Talk in Paris about crowdsourcing impressions for whole cities at Digital Polis: Soundcloud audio
  01.12: Skanda Muralidhar joins our group as PhD student. Welcome!
  28.11: Talk about SenseCityVity project at Symposium PI on Art in Technology
  19.11: New project supported by EPFL-UNIL CROSS program: Collaborative Research on Science and Society
  16.11: Talk about social inference at ICMI 2014 Workshop on Multi-Party Real-World Human-Robot Interaction
  04.11: Coverage of SenseCityVity project by the Embassy of Mexico in Switzerland
  30.10: Talk about SenseCityVity project at EPFL CODEV Seed Money Conference
  27.10: Cracking the code of the unspoken language: news article on EC H2020 Project Stories
  23.10: Talk about MAAYA project at University of Lausanne Laboratory of Digital Cultures and Humanities
  14.10: Talk about SenseCityVity project at Telefonica Research
  24.09: Theme Issue on ISWC 2013 has been published at Personal and Ubiquitous Computing
  12.09: Talk about behavior in social video at HBU 2014: Workshop on Human Behavior Understanding
  10.07: Congratulations to Alvaro Marcos who has started working at Bosch Automotive Technology
  09.07: Talk about MAAYA project at DH'14: Digital Humanities Conference
  24.06: Talk at LT-Innovate Language Technologies Summit
  20.06: Darshan Santani won the Best Student Entry at the Data Challenge of the ACM Web Science Conference (WebSci)
  17.06: Alvaro Marcos received the PhD title at the University of Alcala. Congratulations!
  16.06: Best wishes to Darshan Santani, who starts a summer internship at IBM Research Africa
  09.05: Our work on Twitter in Africa covered in ACM TechNews and The Economist
  30.04: Our work on studying African cities with Twitter is on EPFL news
  16.03: Wearables are here to stay: ISWC 2013 @ IEEE Pervasive Magazine
  21.02: New EPFL graduate course on Computational Social Media starts today. The course blog is here
  17.02: New project (SenseCityVity) starts in collaboration with colleagues in Mexico. A video is here
  27.01: Kate Farrahi (former PhD student in our group) starts as Lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London. Congratulations!
  17.01: Our research on personality analysis of YouTube video bloggers featured (in german) in Computerworld.ch
  02.01: New UBImpressed project (funded by SNSF) starts today
  02.01: New Youth@Night project (funded by SNSF) starts today
  11.12: Alvaro Marcos got a prototype of the new Kinect 2.0 for Windows as part of Microsoft's Developer Kit Program
  09.12: Congratulations to Paco Roman Rangel (U. Geneva, former PhD student in our group) for getting a SNSF Early Postdoc.Mobility Fellowship!
  02.12: Interview in La Vanguardia (Spain): On the screen, gestures reach us better than text (Correction: Our research is funded by the Swiss NSF, not the US NSF)
  29.11: Mobile Data Challenge Special Issue published at Pervasive and Mobile Computing
  27.11: Thanks to Samsung Research America for donating a batch of new Tizen smartphones
  25.10: Conference over: big thanks to General and Program Co-Chairs at ACM International Conference on Multimedia
  22.10: Talk at ACM Int. Workshop on Crowdsourcing for Multimedia
  17.10: Final event: Swiss National Center of Competence in Research NCCR IM2
  09.10: Talk at Pierre & Marie Curie University of Paris
  02.10: Dinesh Jayagopi leaves our group to start as Assistant Professor at IIIT Bangalore. Congratulations!
  01.10: IEEE Trans. on Multimedia, Special Section on Social Media as Sensors was published. Intro here
  01.10: New project funded by CTI: DomoCare
  29.09: Interview: Big Data for event prediction: Les Echos (France)
  25.09: New project funded by SNSF: Youth@Night
  23.09: Gulcan Can joins our group as PhD student. Welcome!
  13.09: Ubicomp/ISWC 2013 featured in Swiss media (in german) SRF: Radio Television Switzerland
  13.09: Ubicomp/ISWC 2013 featured in Swiss media (in german) NZZ: Neue Zuercher Zeitung
  10.09: Rui Hu joins our group as postdoctoral researcher. Welcome!
  02.09: Aleksandra Cerekovic joins our group as visiting postdoctoral researcher. Welcome back!
  08.08: Our research on Foursquare languages and venues in Switzerland featured (in german) at Computerworld.ch
  12.07: New project funded by SNSF: UBImpressed
  11.07: Talk at Computational Personality Recognition Workshop @ ICWSM
  28.06: Joan-Isaac Biel received the EPFL PhD title at his public thesis defense. Congratulations!
  21.06: Darshan Santani defended his PhD proposal. Congratulations!
  07.06: I have joined LaDHUL, the Culture and Digital Humanities Laboratory at the University of Lausanne
  06.06: Attending the first European MOOC summit at EPFL
  01.06: Our new project on Maya hieroglyphic analysis starts today: MAAYA website
  27.05: Our research on behavioral analysis of job interviews was featured on Swiss National TV
  16.05: Joan-Isaac Biel defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations!
  01.04: I have joined the EPFL Center for Digital Education whose focus is MOOCs
  01.03: Dayra Sanchez Cortes received the EPFL PhD title at her public thesis defense. Congratulations!
  27.02: Paco Roman Rangel received the EPFL PhD title at his public thesis defense. Congratulations!
  19.02: Lecture at iCareNet Marie Curie Network Winter School
  10.01: Dayra Sanchez Cortes defended her PhD thesis. Congratulations!
  07.12: Talk at SocInfo, FuturICT FET Flagship Meeting
  06.12: Best Paper Award Nomination for Eric Malmi et al. at MUM - 11th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia
  28.11: Paco Roman Rangel defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations!
  06.11: Talk at University of Zurich, Department of Geography, GIScience Colloquium
  25.10: Outstanding Paper Award for Dinesh Jayagopi et al. at ICMI - ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction
  15.10: Joan-Isaac Biel is back from internships at HP Labs and Yahoo! Research
  09.10: New project funded by SNSF: MAAYA
  08.10: Paco Roman Rangel is back from his internship at Microsoft Research Asia
  01.10: Interview at University of Chile's BITS Magazine
  25.09: Talk at EC International Workshop in Search Computing
  20.09: Workshop in Neuchatel on Sensing and Analyzing Organizational Behavior
  19.09: Aleksandra Cerekovic joins the group as a visiting postdoctoral researcher.
  17.09: Alvaro Marcos is back in the group as a visiting PhD student.
  14.09: Talk at TEDx Martigny
  10.09: Course at Summer School on Social Media Modeling and Search
  28.08: StressSense was featured in ACM TechNews
  16.08: StressSense-SONVB work was featured in New Scientist
  10.08: IEEE Trans. on Multimedia, Special Issue on Learning Semantics from Multimedia Web Resources was published. Intro here
  01.08: First post.