Short Biography

Currently, I'm on sabbatical leave at Idiap research institute. I'm collaborating with Dr. Petr Motlicek in the Speech and Audio Processing Group. I have a tenured position at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana campus Cuajimalpa (UAM-C) in Mexico City. I'm an active member of the Language and Reasoning research group (LyR) in the Information Technologies Department. In addition, I'm a external member of the Laboratory of Language Technologies (LabTL) of the Computational Sciences Department at the National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics (INAOE), located in Puebla, Mexico. I’m also member of the Mexican Association for Natural Language Processing (AMPLN), the Hispano-American Network for Automatic Human Language Processing (RedHisTAL) and member of the Mexican Academy of Computer Science (AMEXCOMP).  

If you are interested, you can review my personal web page here.


I hold a Ph. D. in Computer Science. Since year 2004 I’ve been working in the Natural Language Processing (NLP) area. Some of the particular sub-problems of NLP in which I’m interested and I’ve done some work are: 

  • Author Profiling (Sexual Predators Identification/Personality identification/ Mental health disorders identification)
  • Plagiarism Detection (Source Code Plagiarism Identification)
  • Sentiment Analysis (Opinion mining)
  • Single and Multiple Document Summarization
  • Information Retrieval (Geographic)
  • Automatic Speaker Identification
  • Question Answering Systems
  • Information Extraction from unstructured Texts
  • Automatic Text Classification

Tel: +41277217CP307-2