André Freitas


Group Leader, Reasoning & Explainable AI Lab

Andre Freitas

Idiap Research Institute — English

Short Bio: André Freitas leads the Reasoning & Explainable AI Lab (ExplAIn Lab) at Idiap and at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Manchester. He is also the AI group leader at the digital Experimental Cancer Medicine Team (CancerResearchUK). His main research interests are on enabling the development of AI methods to support abstract, explainable and flexible inference. In particular, he investigates how the combination of neural and symbolic data representation paradigms can deliver better inference. Some of his research topics include: explanation generation, natural language inference, explainable question answering, knowledge graphs and open information extraction. He is actively engaged in collaboration projects with industrial and clinical partners.

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Vision & Research Focus: The Reasoning & Explainable AI Lab aims at developing systems which capable of complex, abstract and flexible inference. We operate at the interface between neural and symbolic AI methods aiming to enable the next generation of explainable, data-efficient and safe AI systems. Our research investigates how the combination of latent and explicit data representation paradigms can deliver better inference over data. Our current research areas include:

Interest/Research Areas:


Inference & Explanations
Neuro-symbolic Models
Extraction & Representation
AI applications in cancer research

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