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Face Color Model v1.0

This page contains the source code and data needed to train and use a model for skin, hair, clothing and background color modelling and segmentation. The code can also be used to reproduce the experimental results described in Scheffler and Odobez, 2011. If you use this source, please cite the article above (BibTeX).

You can download the archive here: facecolormodel-1.0.tgz (2.2M).

To run the experiments: extract the archive and follow the instructions in Sections 4 and 5 of the README file.

The source code is copyright Idiap Research Institute and provided under the GNU General Public License Version 3.

Please contact Carl Scheffler for comments and bug reports.

26 July, 2011.

Visualization of the prior skin color model

Visualization of the prior skin color model. The top row shows the prior belief over the mean and inverse variance of each color component. The bottom shows samples drawn from the prior. Each sample represents a distribution over colors, where the area devoted to a colour is proportional to its probability of being observed.

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