Python API

This section lists all the functionality available in this library allowing to run vein PAD experiments.

Database Interfaces

Vera Fingervein Database

class bob.pad.vein.database.verafinger.VerafingerPadFile(f)[source]

Bases: bob.pad.base.database.PadFile

High-level implementation of Files for the Verafinger database

class bob.pad.vein.database.verafinger.VerafingerPadDatabase(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: bob.pad.base.database.PadDatabase

High-level implementation for the Verafinger database

Parameters:kwargs – The arguments of the base class constructor.
objects(groups=None, protocol=None, purposes=None, model_ids=None, **kwargs)[source]

Lists VerafingerPadFile objects, which fulfill the given restrictions.

  • groups (str or [str]) – The groups of which the clients should be returned. Usually, groups are one or more elements of (‘train’, ‘dev’, ‘eval’)
  • protocol (str) – The protocol for which the clients should be retrieved. The protocol is dependent on your database. If you do not have protocols defined, just ignore this field.
  • purposes (str or [str]) – The purposes for which VerafingerPadFile objects should be retrieved. Usually it is either ‘real’ or ‘attack’.
  • model_ids – This parameter is not supported in PAD databases yet
  • **kwargs

files – A list of VerafingerPadFile objects.

Return type: