Scripts to run anti-spoofing experiments

This package is part of the signal-processing and machine learning toolbox Bob. This package is the base of bob.pad family of packages, which allow to run comparable and reproducible presentation attack detection (PAD) experiments on publicly available databases.

This package contains basic functionality to run PAD experiments. It provides a generic ./bin/ script that takes several parameters, including:

  • A database and its evaluation protocol
  • A data preprocessing algorithm
  • A feature extraction algorithm
  • A PAD algorithm

All these steps of the PAD system are given as configuration files.

In this base class implementation, only a core functionality is implemented. The specialized algorithms should be provided by other packages, which are usually in the bob.pad namespace, like a bob.pad.voice package.


Complete Bob’s installation instructions. Then, to install this package, run:

$ conda install bob.pad.base


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