Bob interface for MTCNN face and landmark detection

This package wraps the MTCNN face and landmark detection from the paper

author={K. Zhang and Z. Zhang and Z. Li and Y. Qiao}, journal={IEEE Signal Processing Letters}, title={Joint Face Detection and Alignment Using Multitask Cascaded Convolutional Networks}, year={2016}, volume={23}, number={10}, pages={1499-1503}, keywords={Benchmark testing;Computer architecture;Convolution;Detectors;Face;Face detection;Training;Cascaded convolutional neural network (CNN);face alignment;face detection}, doi={10.1109/LSP.2016.2603342}, ISSN={1070-9908}, month={Oct},}


Complete Bob’s installation instructions. Then, to install this package, run:

$ conda install bob.ip.mtcnn


For further documentation on this package, please read the Latest Version of the documentation.