Installation InstructionsΒΆ

We offer pre-compiled binary installations of Bob using conda for Linux and MacOS 64-bit operating systems. Currently, we do not support Windows.

Please install and get familiar with conda first by referring to their website before getting started. Then, make sure you have an up-to-date conda installation with the correct configuration by running the commands below:

$ conda update -n root conda
$ conda config --set show_channel_urls True
$ conda config --add channels defaults
$ conda config --add channels

Now you can create an envrionment and install Bob in that environment:

$ conda create -n bob_py3 --override-channels \
  -c \
  -c defaults \
  python=3 bob
$ source activate bob_py3
$ python -c 'import'


Be aware that if you use packages from our channel and other user/community channels (especially conda-forge) in one environment, you may end up with a broken envrionment. We can only guarantee that the packages in our channel are compatible with the defaults channel.

You can install other Bob packages by reading the instructions on their webpage. In most cases, the installation should be as simple as:

$ conda install <package-name>

or if there are no conda packages available for that package:

$ pip install <package-name>

For a comprehensive list of packages that are either part of Bob or use Bob, please visit packages.