Source code for bob.pad.voice.database.database

#!/usr/bin/env python
# vim: set fileencoding=utf-8 :
# @author: Pavel Korshunov <>
# @date:   Tue Sep 20 15:09:22 CET 2016

from bob.pad.base.database import PadFile
import numpy

class PadVoiceFile(PadFile):
    """A simple base class that defines basic properties of File object for the use in PAD experiments"""

    def __init__(self, client_id, path, attack_type=None, file_id=None):
        """**Constructor Documentation**

        Initialize the Voice File object that can read WAV files.


        For client_id, path, attack_type, and file_id, please refer
        to :py:class:`bob.pad.base.database.PadFile` constructor
        super(PadVoiceFile, self).__init__(client_id, path, attack_type, file_id)

[docs] def load(self, directory=None, extension='.wav'): path = self.make_path(directory, extension) rate, audio = # We consider there is only 1 channel in the audio file => data[0] data = numpy.cast['float'](audio) return rate, data
VoicePadFile = PadVoiceFile