Installation Instructions

As noted before, this package is part of the bob.pad packages, which in turn are part of the signal-processing and machine learning toolbox Bob. To install Bob, please read the Installation Instructions.

Then, to install the bob.pad packages and in turn maybe the database packages that you want to use, use conda to install them:

$ conda search bob.pad # searching
$ conda search bob.db  # searching
$ conda install bob.pad.base bob.pad.<padname> bob.db.<dbname>

where you would replace <padname> and <dbname> with the name of packages that you want to use.

An example installation

For example, to run a speech presentation attack detection experiments, you need preprocessor, extractor, classifier, and a database. Preprocessors and extractors can be reused from packages, while classifier is normally provided in bob.pad. Hence for speech PAD, you can take the and the feature extractor defined in, and the bob.pad.base.algorithm.OneClassGMM algorithm defined in bob.pad.base, using voicePA database (contains speech presentation attacks) interface defined in bob.db.voicepa. Running the command line below will install all the required packages:

$ source activate <bob_conda_environment>
$ conda install \
                bob.pad.base \
                bob.pad.voice \
                bob.db.voicepa \


With bob.pad you will run biometric recognition experiments using databases that contain presentation attacks. Though the PAD protocols are implemented in bob.pad, the original data are not included. To download the original data of the databases, please refer to the according Web-pages. For a list of supported databases including their download URLs, please refer to the spoofing_databases.

After downloading the original data for the databases, you will need to tell bob.pad, where these databases can be found. For this purpose, we have decided to implement a special file, where you can set your directories. Similar to, by default, this file is located in ~/.bob_bio_databases.txt, and it contains several lines, each line looking somewhat like:

[DEFAULT_DATABASE_DIRECTORY] = /path/to/your/directory


If this file does not exist, feel free to create and populate it yourself.

Please use ./bin/ for a list of known databases, where you can see the raw [YOUR_DATABASE_PATH] entries for all databases that you haven’t updated, and the corrected paths for those you have.


If you have installed only bob.pad.base, there is no database listed – as all databases are included in other extension packages, such as bob.pad.voice.