Python API

Bob’s database entry for the Wine database = ['Alcohol', 'Malic Acid', 'Ash', 'Alcalinity of Ash', 'Magnesium', 'Total Phenols', 'Flavanoids', 'Nonflavanoid Phenols', 'Proanthocyanins', 'Color intensity', 'Hue', 'OD280/OD315 of Diluted Wines', 'Proline']

Names of the features for each entry in the dataset.[source]

Loads from (text) file and returns Wine Dataset.

This set is small and simple enough to require an SQL backend. We keep the single file it has in text and load it on-the-fly every time this method is called.

We return a dictionary containing the 3 classes of wines catalogued in this dataset. Each dictionary entry contains a 2D numpy.ndarray of 64-bit floats and they have respectively 59, 71 and 48 samples. Each sample is an Array with 13 features as described by “names”.[source]

Returns a string containing the configuration information.