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import numpy

from import Preprocessor

class Base (Preprocessor):
  """Performs color space adaptations and data type corrections for the given image"""

  def __init__(self, **kwargs):
    Preprocessor.__init__(self, **kwargs)
    # Each class needs to have a constructor taking
    # all the parameters that are required for the preprocessing as arguments
    self._kwargs = kwargs

[docs] def write_data(self, data, data_file, compression=0): """Writes the given *preprocessed* data to a file with the given name. """ f =, 'w') f.set("rate", data[0], compression=compression) f.set("data", data[1], compression=compression) f.set("labels", data[2], compression=compression)
[docs] def read_data(self, data_file): f= rate ="rate") data ="data") labels ="labels") return rate, data, labels