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Periocular Biometrics in Mobile Environment - Table 1 and Figure 4(a)
Published: 8 years, 10 months ago

This search is published in the BTAS 2015 paper "Periocular Biometrics in Mobile Environment". The experiments in this search reproduce the results presesentd in Table 1 and in Figure 4(a).

This search compares Face and Periocular Recognition using Session Variability modeling [McCool2013] with a baseline estabished for Periocular Recognition based on Local Binary Patterns [Park2009] and [Miller2010] using the MOBIO database protocol male.

[Park2009]Park, Unsang, Arun Ross, and Anil K. Jain. Periocular biometrics in the visible spectrum: A feasibility study.Biometrics: Theory, Applications, and Systems, 2009. BTAS 09. IEEE 3rd International Conference on. IEEE, 2009.
[Miller2010]Miller, Philip E., et al. Performance evaluation of local appearance based periocular recognition. Biometrics: Theory Applications and Systems (BTAS), 2010 Fourth IEEE International Conference on. IEEE, 2010.
[McCool2013]McCool, Christopher, et al. Session variability modelling for face authentication. IET biometrics 2.3 (2013): 117-129.
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