Default parameters for bar plots

This is a sample data plot

Figure sample for plot/bar/1

Parameters allow users to change the configuration of an plotter when scheduling an experiment

Name Description Type Default New value
xlabel The label of the X-axis (horizontal) string
ylabel The label of the Y-axis (vertical) string
title The title for this plot string Bar plot
title-fontsize Controls the title font size uint16 10 12
xaxis_multiplier The multiplication factor for the X-axis (horizontal) float64 1.0
yaxis_multiplier The multiplication factor for the Y-axis (vertical) float64 1.0
legend Short description of the data, to be added to the plot string
legend-fontsize Controls the font size of the legend uint16 12 8
legend-loc The location of the legend string best "best"
legend-bbox-to-anchor Specify any arbitrary location for the legend string 1.0&1.0
grid If we should draw grid lines or not for the plot bool False true
yaxis_log If Y-axis (vertical) should be in log-scale bool False
dpi Dots-per-inch in raster image formats uint16 60 120
bar-alpha Value for the alpha effect in the bar plot float64 0.75 0.75
bar-norm If set to true will normalize the distribution between 0-1 bool True true
width Width of the resulting image in pixels uint16 400 800
height Height of the resulting image in pixels uint16 300 600
axis-fontsize Controls the axis font size (labels and values) uint16 10 10
content_type The type of image returned string image/png
bar_attributes Bar attributes passed directly to Matplotlib string

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