Sébastien Marcel (marcel@idiap.ch)

Sébastien Marcel - InteractPlay Database

Acknowledgements: This database has been recorded by France Telecom Research and Development in the framework of the GHOST project funded by France Telecom. We wish to thank O. Bernier and J.E. Viallet for working with us on the project but also J. Guerin and B. Rolland for recording and annotating the gesture database.


InteractPlay (21 Mb) is a hand gesture database made of a 3D hand trajectories. It contains 16 hand gestures from 22 persons and provides 5 sessions and 10 recordings per session. Details in the paper below.

The database contains 3D trajectories, including the coordinates of the head and the torso, of segmented gestures. It provides also a calibration sequence for every person and every session, and test sequences of continuous gestures. Each trajectory is stored in one text file. The naming convention is the following [personid]_[gestureid]_[sessionid]_[recordid]. For instance, the file 01_07_5_9.txt is the record 9 of the gesture 7 performed by person 1 during the session 5. For every session and every person, two additional sequences are provided: a calibration sequence called "Vinci" sequence, and a test sequence made of continuous gestures. Test sequences are labelled and will be available soon. The calibration sequence is stored as the gesture 17 and the test sequence as the gesture 18.


A. Just, O. Bernier, and S. Marcel.
HMM and IOHMM for the recognition of mono- and bi-manual 3D hand gestures.
In Proceedings of the British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC), 2004.
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