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SenseCityVity Documentary Film Festival

The students from CECYTEG who took part in the Urban Data Challenge have created short documentaries working in teams in collaboration with Carlo Olmos (SenseCityVity.Art leader), Itzia Ruiz Correa and Fátima Alba-Rendón Huerta.

Each short flim presents a personal view on a variety of urban issues (garbage, graffitti, insecurity, transportation) and discusses possible avenues to tackle them. Citizens from Guanajuato have also contributed to the conversation.

Look at the city -- through the eyes of its youth.

The soundtrack of each video is in Spanish. 
Please turn on the English subtitles in the YouTube player.

Poverty and safety


Artistic graffiti


Urgent urban problems in the city


Graffity in city alleys


Social issues in Guanajuato City


City infrastructure


City worn infrastructure


Dirty streets


Garbage in the city


Grafitti in historic buildings


Art Leader


Project short version


Project long version