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E. Roman-Rangel, J.-M. Odobez, and D. Gatica-Perez

Evaluating Shape Descriptors for Detection of Maya Hieroglyphs

in Proc. Mexican Conf. on Pattern Recognition (MCPR), Queretaro, Jun. 2013

Edgar Roman-Rangel, Jean-Marc Odobez and Daniel Gatica-Perez

Assessing Sparse Coding Methods for Contextual Shape Indexing of Maya Hieroglyphs

In: Journal of Multimedia, 7(2):179--192, 2012.

Daniel Gatica-Perez, Edgar Roman-Rangel, Jean-Marc Odobez, Carlos Pallan

New world, new worlds: Visual Analysis of Pre-Columbian Pictorial Collections

In Proc. International workshop on Multimedia for Cultural Heritage. Modena, Italy. 2011.

Edgar Roman-Rangel, Carlos Pallan, Jean-Marc Odobez, Daniel Gatica-Perez

Searching the Past: An Improved Shape Descriptor to Retrieve Maya Hieroglyphs

in Proc. ACM Int. Conf. in Multimedia (MM), Scottsdale, Nov. 2011.

E. Roman-Rangel, C. Pallan, J.-M. Odobez, and D. Gatica-Perez

Analyzing Ancient Maya Glyph Collections with Contextual Shape Descriptors

Int. Journal of Computer Vision, Special Issue on e-Heritage

Vol. 94, No. 1, pp. 101-117, Aug. 2011.

E. Roman-Rangel, C. Pallan, J.-M. Odobez, and D. Gatica-Perez

Retrieving Ancient Maya Glyphs with Shape Context

in Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. on Computer Vision, Workshop on eHeritage and Digital Art Preservation, Kyoto, Oct. 2009.

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