Technology Components

You can download the IP Portfolio with selected technology components here (2.2 MB), and will also find examples below.
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  1. Signal Processing and Machine Learning Toolbox (BOB)
  2. Speech-to-Text Transcription
  3. Multilingual and accented speech recognition
  4. Grapheme-based and Instance-based Methods for Speech Processing
  5. Keyword Spotting for Searching and Indexing Spoken Documents
  6. Speech Synthesis
  7. Speaker Segmentation and Linking
  8. Speaker recognition library and award winning technology
  9. Speaker Verification
  10. Large Scale Speaker Identification
  11. Acoustic Simulator
  12. Very Low Bit-Rate Speech Coding
  13. Intonation Modeling
  14. Automatic Speech Assessment
  15. Ad Hoc Microphone Arrays
  16. Speaker Localization and Separation
  17. Forensic Voice Comparison
  18. Sparse Phonological Vocoding
  19. Hybrid Recommender System for Multimedia
  20. Speech-Based Just-In-Time Information Retrieval
  21. Machine Translation at the Document Level
  22. Face recognition library and awarded ISV technology
  23. Fingervein recognition
  24. Palmvein recognition library
  25. A method of detecting a falsified presentation to a vascular recognition system
  26. Scalable linear discriminant analysis for large scale pattern recognition
  27. Fast Object Detector
  28. Large-scale Image Retrieval
  29. Multi-camera Detection and Tracking
  30. Real-time Mutiple face and head pose tracking
  31. Gaze Estimation and Non-Verbal Behavior Extraction from consumer cameras
  32. Static Luggage Detection and Intrusion Detection
  33. Unsupervised Activity Discovery, Monitoring, and Abnormality Detection
  34. Motion Detection, Segmentation, and EstimationMotion Satbilization
  35. Text detection and recognition in images and videos
  36. Soft-skill analytics from online video job interviews
  37. Activity Montitoring from Ambient Sensors
  38. Social context inference from proximity sensors
  39. Robot Skills Transfer Toolbox
  40. Cardiac Imaging