Objective Measurement of Speech Intelligibility

The goal of the proposed extension is to develop a tangible objective speech intelligibility assessment tool for armasuisse by building upon the research and development work that has been carried out so far. To facilitate the process of developing this tool, the project is aligned with armasuisse’s internal evaluation of communication systems. The project has been organized into three parts. The first part of the project will deal with evaluation and analysis of five communication systems recordings provided by armasuisse, using our objective speech intelligibility measure. The second part of the project will deal with validation and calibration of the objective measure by performing a detailed subjective listening test on two communication systems narrowed down by armasuisse after the first evaluation phase. The third part of the project will deal with development and integration of a virtual machine that contains the objective intelligibility assessment system with a RESTful web interface and transfer of the tool to armasuisse.
Idiap Research Institute
Apr 01, 2016
Dec 31, 2016