2020 Idiap Awards

Idiap PhD Student Research Award

Student: Lesly Miculicich

Lesly's main research contributions have been on deep learning models for natural language processing at the document level, particularly applied to machine translation. Her hierarchical attention network model of document translation has been widely recognised, and her graph-based Transformer model of coreference resolution sets a new standard. Lesly started her PhD in March 2016 and defended her PhD thesis in October 2020. She has consistently produced high quality publications which receive many citations (h-index 8). This year she did internships at Google Research and Microsoft Research. She will soon be starting her independent research career as a research scientist at Microsoft.


Idiap PhD Student Paper Award

Student: Adrian Shajkofci

Adrian Shajkofci with his journal paper "Spatially-Variant CNN-Based Point Spread Function Estimation for Blind Deconvolution and Depth Estimation in Optical Microscopy" published in IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, Vol. 29, 2020.