Prof. Hervé Bourlard




Prof. Hervé Bourlard is Director of the Idiap Research Institute, Full Professor at EPFL, and External Fellow (and member of the Board of Trustees) of the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI), Berkeley, CA (USA). He was also the founding Director of the National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) on Interactive Multimodal Information Management (IM2, 2001-2013).

His current research interests mainly include statistical pattern classification, signal processing, multi-channel processing, artificial neural networks, and applied mathematics, with applications to a wide range of information and communication technologies, including spoken language processing, speech and speaker recognition, language modeling, multimodal interaction, augmented multi-party interaction, and distant group collaborative environments.

He is a Fellow of the IEEE and ISCA (International Speech Communication Association), a member of the ACM Europe Council, and elected member of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences. He is the recipient of several prestigious scientific and entrepreneurship awards.

Dr. François Foglia

Deputy Director



Dr. François Foglia has a PhD in Computational Chemistry (Molecular Dynamic Simulations Studies; Prof. André Merbach, EPFL) and an MBA from Barcelona Tech UPC, Spain . After having worked in Edipresse Publications SA as Technical Manager for its internet department (Edicom) and in SHR Technologies —a company specialized in the European development of Israeli tech start-ups— as Technical Director, he was involved in the conception of an e-health portal, as associate and CTO. He went on to work in Spain for Nortel Networks, in one of its R&D departments (3rd generation mobile telephony market), and later was involved—in a managerial role—in large IT and security projects in an Accenture company. He joined Idiap Research Institute early in 2006 as program manager in charge of, among other matters, the National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) IM2. In 2009, he became adjunct to the Director. In 2012, he was promoted, becoming Idiap Deputy Director and Director of Ideark SA, an incubator that builds bridges between research findings and tech industry.

Ed Gregg

Financial Director




Arriving at Idiap in 2004, Ed Gregg is now responsible for the institute’s finances. But it was as a professional basketball player that he first discovered Switzerland. Indeed, it was Gregg the athlete who embarked for the Old World back in 1976. He roamed the courts of a number of teams—playing twice in the European Cup—before coming to play in Switzerland, and then coaching several teams here. Gregg is Idiap’s chief financial officer (CFO). Having studied Finance at Utah State University, he decided to return to the discipline when a new turn in his career path beckoned. So, while coaching in Ticino, he joined a fiduciary firm, before moving to Martigny twelve years later. In search of a new challenge, Gregg’s path crossed that of Idiap. And when the institute embarked on a number of European projects, he was hired part-time, increasing that commitment incrementally until he took over the position of CFO in 2010.