Foundation Council

The Foundation council is responsible for the economic and financial management of Idiap. It defines the institute’s structure, appoints its director, and – more generally – ensures Idiap’s development and defends its interests.


Olivier Dumas

Independent manager and business consultant


Marc-André Berclaz

Managing Director of the EPFL Valais-Wallis


Stefan Bumann

Head of the "Service des Hautes Ecoles (SHE)"

Anne-Laure Couchepin Vouilloz

President of the City of Martigny


Patrick Furrer

Coordinator - National Programme on Scientific Information, Swissuniversities

Jordi Montserrat

Co-founder and managing partner, Venturelab Ltd


Dominique Perruchoud

President of the Board of Cimark SA

Pierre Vandergheynst

Full Professor EPFL
EPFL Vice-President for Education



Executive Vice President of Data, Analytics & AI Swisscom

Stéphane Marchand-Maillet

Associate Professor at University of Geneva