Idiap has a new opening for 1 Postdoc and 2 PhD positions in “Sparse and Hierarchical Structures for Speech Modeling” (SHISSM)

The Idiap Research Institute seeks qualified candidates for two PhD student and 1 postdoc positions in the field of Sparse and Hierarchical Structures for Speech Modeling” (SHISSM)

Reporting directly to Prof. Hervé Bourlard, the research will be conducted in the framework of the recently granted Swiss SHISSM NSF project. The research will be focus on novel speech recognition and speech modeling approaches using novel deep neural network and sparse recovery (compressive sensing) models, towards a principled, generalized, hierarchical model ranging from feature extraction to lexical and syntactic modeling (possibly also exploiting word embedding approaches). While being funded by Swiss NSF, the present project will also take place in related EU and US (IARPA) projects.

The ideal PhD candidate should hold a Master degree in computer science, electrical engineering or related fields. The Postdoc candidate should hold a PhD in relevant fields, while demonstrating excellence and motivation in research in general, and in the targeted research areas. They should all have (at least) a background in statistics or applied mathematics, optimization, linear algebra and signal processing. Postdoc applicants should ideally have good expertise in hidden Markov models (HMMs), Deep Neural Networks (DNNs), and/or Sparse Recovery Modeling. The applicants should also have strong programming skills and be familiar with MATLAB, C/C++, and various scripting languages such as Python and with the Linux environment.

The successful PhD candidate will become a doctoral student at EPFL ( conditional on parallel application to, and acceptance by, the EPFL Doctoral School ( Appointment for the PhD position is for a maximum of 4 years, provided successful progress, and should lead to a dissertation. Annual gross salary ranges from 47,000.- CHF (first year) to 50,000.- CHF (last year). The postdoc contract will be for one year, with a start salary of 80,000. - CHF/year, with a reasonable chance to be renewed based on performance.

Starting date is immediate or to be negotiated (for early 2018). All queries related to the advertised position can be sent to Prof. Hervé Bourlard.

To apply for the Postdoc position, click here: “Sparse and Hierarchical Structures for Speech Modeling” (SHISSM).

To apply for the PhD positions, click here: “Sparse and Hierarchical Structures for Speech Modeling” (SHISSM).