New opening for an internship position on Reconstruction Methods for Patterned Illumination Imaging

Idiap has an open student internship position in the Computational BioImaging Group

The project will aim at developing image processing methods for the reconstruction of patterned illumination imaging. Multiple imaging techniques leverage a patterned illumination of the scene or object, which replaces the uniform illumination that is usually desirable for direct imaging. Given a collection of images from the same scene, each taken with a different illumination pattern, images with higher spatial resolution, depth maps, or optical sections can be computationnally reconstructed. The recent availability of illumination devices that have rapidly adjustable patterns opens up the possibility of using new classes of algorithms to process the data. The project will both involve work with simulated data (as a control and validation tool) and experimental data from macro- and/or micro-scopic scenes.

The applicant should have strong programming skills (the project will be carried out in C, Java, and Matlab so it can be integratated into a turn-key imaging system), an interest in working on image processing and inverse problems, as well well as an interest in optics. The starting date is as soon as the position gets filled. The appointment is for 6 months. Salary is 2000 CHF per month.

Interested? Just click on the following link: Reconstruction Methods for Patterned Illumination Imaging.